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pious laboratories

Pious Laboratories

Lead By young , dynamic & committed professionals with experience of testing & consulting services. Pious lab has been established as leading unique service provider for testing, consulting & training to all the industry, academic institution and R&D facilities across the globe. Situated at the premier location in India, it boasts skilled manpower, the best of its class infrastructure and technology for testing, with time slots booking of any instruments for customers of food, pharmaceutical, water, cosmetic, herbal, environmental, chemical and R&D units. We focus on providing the best possible solution for all the clients across all the domains. Pious provide independent consulting & product development services through skilled man power and onsite experts.

Objectives & Goals

  • Pious endeavors to provide the best possible and highest quality of testing, consulting and training services at a cost-effective price.
  • Pious is committed to providing testing facilities to customers by complying with the standards of regulatory bodies like FDA, NABL, US-FDA & other regulatory agency.
  • Committed to innovate, and implement latest technology, solutions, and strategy that minimize risks, and maximize resourcefulness for our customers.

Our business objective is driven by shared growth, where we see the success of clients and end-user experience as key to our leadership position in consulting & testing.

Our Resources

Pious has caliber and ample capabilities to test & develop methods as per client’s requirements, we offer complete one stop solution to all our clients of all the domains. We have operational headquarters situated in Indore, Madhya Pradesh of India. We are also well connected to all over the India by rail, air & roads.

Pious endeavors to provide services to all the domains. These include food, oil, chemical, fertilizer, pesticides, pharmaceutical, water, herbal, soil, environmental, inspection industries and many more. Through our technology, any one can get an instant status of their analysis.

Pious have a staff of technical experts of different areas, techno commercial marketing management, and support staff to handle independently testing, training & consulting services. The team comprises of professionals from diverse backgrounds with varied experiences over different domains. Hence, Thinks in-depth knowledge and expertise that ultimately benefit to clients.

Pious has developed its infrastructure with keeping in view of stringent US- FDA norms & domestic regulations, with different instrumental, chemical, wash area, balance, hot zone & microbiology section. In addition, this all the areas are designed as per the needs of GLP.

We offer services in following areas:
  • Pious gives date & slots facility to all the educational institutes, researchers & R&D facility.
  • Independent Testing facility to all the domains. Such as: food, oil, chemical, fertilizer, pesticides, pharmaceutical, water, herbal, soil, environmental and many more.
  • Consultancy services in all the domains for product developments & validation on different instruments.
  • Training to industrial & educational institutes on all the instruments as per the industry requirements.
  • Inspection & Sampling work for the export industry especially in the food industry.
  • Complete test management, including test case management, test method, and approach, crafting of test method and planning, development, test execution, QA coordination and testing time estimation through LIMS.

Why Pious lab?

  • Robust test management process and effective QA services.
  • QA consulting marked by perfect combination of experience and expertise
  • Strong delivery model for small and mid-sized budget customer.
  • Strong experience of different verticals & domains.
  • Team of professionals with rich experience in different domains
  • Specialty in identification and application of latest tools and technology.
  • Flexibility to adopt customer culture, workflow, process, business ethics, and technology
  • Continuous research and skill development.
  • Proactive communication and coordination through highly trained project managers with high tech systems

Furthermore, Integrity, Innovation, and Excellence are three core values that motivate testing at Pious Lab. We believe in the spirit of cooperation, encourage creativity, and treasure our ability. Therefore, we offer the best testing service solutions at the lowest price.