Technology Pious Laboratories

One of our biggest strengths, second only to the skills of our team, is the diverse array of sophisticated analytical equipment and techniques which are available in our laboratory.

We are committed to providing our customers the latest and most advanced technologies which will help them solve problems. We deliver the highest quality products to the consumer’s.

Complete test management, including test case management, test method and approach, crafting of test method and planning, development, test execution, QA coordination and testing time estimation through LIMS.

All our laboratories are equipped with the latest analytical equipment following under the following categories:

  • Chromatography
  • Mass spectroscopy
  • Atomic spectroscopy
  • Molecular spectroscopy
  • Molecular biology
  • Mechanical testing
  • Microbiology
  • Chemical analysis



Instrument Name

1HPLC system +Auto sampler+Uv+RI
2Gas chromatograph with headspace+ FID
3FTIR + Liquid Cell For water+ ATR
4UV-Vis Spectrophotometer System
5AAS with graphite
6Analytical Balance.
8ABBE Refractometer
10Auto Titrator
11Boiling & Melting point apparatus
12Muffle furnace
13Hot air oven
14Hot Water bath
15Vacuum evaporator oven
16UV chamber For TLC
17Digital Microscope
18Bio-safety cabinet
19Autoclave vertical
21B.O.D incubator
22Digital colony counter
23Zone reader
24Disintigration Apparatus
25Photo phorometer